South Side Kustoms 5th anniversary..and how they roll.

I was planning to write the same old blog on May being the second annual Women Riders Month…  then I changed my mind. We all know it’s the second annual Women Riders Month; check any motorcycle blog out there!  I decided to spotlight someone who celebrates women in a really big way.  Let me explain………  
My friends at South Side Kustoms have hit the five-year mark on May 4th, being in business in the town of Buffalo, New York.  Quite an accomplishment for a guy that started out helping his dad in the backyard. Even with the celebration of their own anniversary, they give to the patrons!  Great work guys and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WITH MANY MORE TO COME!small5year So, keep reading….  (And, I realize I wrote 10th anniversary on the previous blog.. sleep deprivation is not a good place to be when blogging! My appologies.)
 Here is a little info about Jason McCudden, owner and operator of SSK. I will take the words right from him because I have learned that no one says it quite like the masters themselves;
 I am a machinist and certified welder by trade, so “CAN’T ISN’T IN MY VOCABULARY” – I started hotrodding as a kid with my dad in the backyard helping him paint white walls on tires. Cars are my first love and always will be. It won’t be long before you see 4 wheeled beauties rolling out of SSK. I bounced around doing warehousing management for years until I found myself jobless. Then thought “now what am I going to do?”  So I went to welding school – got my certs – still couldn’t find a job (no experience – really I can weld better than most who have been doing it for years – but such is the course) So I figured why not start getting paid for my hobby. What else was I gonna do, go work for someone else again for years until my use ran out and I found myself unemployed again? No, I was tired of working for someone else. Time to do something for my family and my kids’ future. Thus, South Side Kustoms was born in May of 2005. Since then – it’s been a struggle, the impending doom of lights being shut off and so on. But now I can see the fruits of my labor. Coming up on 5 years in business we have been featured in 8 magazines from Outlaw Biker to Easyriders Magazine. Featured as one of 13 great budget builders in Barnett’s, even graced the cover of ‘Wheels of Grace’ a Christian Biker Magazine, with no less than our Jack-O-Lantern Bike that put SSK on the map.”
“Yeah and I cut the fender out with a jigsaw and files NOT a water jet. Hell, I do all my cutouts that way. Handmade ALL AMERICAN bikes. I pride myself on quality bikes at reasonable prices and ALL AMERICAN Parts. I would rather sell 10 bikes and make a couple of bucks then make 30K on one bike. But that’s me……”
“We have 3 new base models for 2010 (the Rock-n-Rolla, the Hitman and theValiant Evolution) ALL REASONABLY priced especially for what you get with no corner cutting.”
“Where is the future leading us – bigger and better – I just moved into an old 1940’s gas station (nice modest place) with plenty of room to grow on the property. 4 builds currently going and parts sales on the way up.
Plus like I said, you will see 4 wheeled beauties coming from us soon. We are already a dealer for all the top of the line auto wheels – air suspensions and yes hydraulics!
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Now, there are a couple of reasons I think of  this guy and his crew as special but, one really hits home on a very personal level.  Jason, being a big burly motorcycle dude,  has managed to put together a smokin hot motorcycle, “Limited Edition Real Divas Ride”, to honor women. And not just any women but, women that have, are, and will be battling breast cancer or anyone who knows someone that has fought that battle. There is even the option to put dates and a name inside the pink ribbon on the tank!   Along with the thoughtful development of this motorcycle,  there is also $1500.00 of the proceeds being donated to “Divas for a Cure” for Breast Cancer Research so that someday they may eradicate this deadly disease.

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From the $1000.00 discount on all bikes to military, law enforcement, firemen, and EMTs to the American Red Cross motorcycle built for a charity raffle, these guys just know how to give back!
In addition to all the other accomplishments, SSK has gone global! Kudos, Jason!!     

 It’s hard to find a true “class act” but, I have found one here.  If you want to look at all the fine motorcycles SSK have available…and I hope you do, go to their website (http://www.south-side-kustoms.com/index.html) and enjoy the sights.

In closing, I am privileged to have had dealings with South Side Kustoms and want to wish them a very HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY.  Here’s to many more years of clients enjoying the amazing bikes, the community reaping the benefits of their giving spirit, and watching SSK grow and prosper. I, personally, can’t wait!!

Lady Godiva on wheels……. I love you guys cuz that’s how you roll!!
me on jack


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