Here’s another thing you can’t do on an electric bike…

I realize that I havent done anything very technical about my new electric baby, Dot, but I love my bike and enjoy sharing the adventure that being a trailblazer brings. I have certainly been amusing to some! I plan to do many posts about my new electric bike, the Enertia, and will get into the technical stuff but, until then I have another occasion to share a difference between gas and electic and one more thing you cant do on an electric bike.
Most winters here in Portland, Oregon, give us multiple months when it’s too wet to ride. The cold can be handled with heated clothing but, the rain can’t be controlled since water finds it way into any crack or crevasse regardless. I find myself getting restless after about the third month and usually resort to a visit to the garage. I grab a beverage, dress like an Eskimo, and head to the garage containing my bike. Last winter my Road King sat in the dark and waited. I raised the door, slid in and closed the door behind me. I took a moment to run my hands over the tank and fenders…..ahhhhhhh. I missed him! Turning the key, switching to gas, climbing on, checking for neutral, and hitting the starter. A rumble, a rumble, and a start. The roar in a closed garage is nearly defining….I love it!  A few bends of the throttle and if I close my eyes, I could be anywhere!  A few minutes of that is all you can take.  The garage starts to stink with exhaust and its time to turn the bike off. But, that few minutes can get me by for a little while because me and my bike have taken a quick spin in my head.
Now to the Enertia. I received my bike in March and from that point on, the weather has been hit and miss. We had been experiencing unusually nice weather before she arrived and then it went bad. Fortunately, not real bad and I have had some time to take a few short rides to test the battery and acquaint myself with the bike. As you can imagine, I wake up EVERY morning wanting to take the girl out. On the days that are really rainy I grab a beverage, dress like an Eskimo, and head to the garage that holds my bike. I open the door, slide in, and close the door behind me. There she sits! Right next to the Road King, plugged in to the electrical outlet. I run my hands over the bike…no tank or fenders…ahhhhhhh. I unplug her and tuck the plug into the compartment under the seat. I put the seat on and lock it down. I climb on board, switch the key to on, and push the button. She starts to talk to me with her technical noises, she kind of purrrrrssss. Now, I can do this all day because the bike has no exhaust! Sometimes I just sit on her and watch the lights on the panel flash. I havent been far on her but, I can close my eyes and repeat the few little trips we have made. I can dream of the time when my batteries are to capacity. I am planning a trip down to Ashland to visit the Brammo factory to see where my bike was built and in my mind we are flying along down the I-5 freeway on those beautiful stretches of road from here to there.http://www.brammo.com/home/
Ya know, its different but its the same!  The thrill of riding is there and I miss her when I can’t ride her. This bike is incredibly easy to manuever and it has no problem getting up and going, in fact it feels like its going faster than she is. Its light, comfortable, and sexy to look at. I have had problems with “me” but not the bike, getting used to the new things that an electric bike presents.  I am loving this adventure and I am so proud to be a part of the green movement. I have taken some teasing but, all the people who know me, know that I do things the way I want regardless of what anyone thinks.
So, the #3 thing you can’t do on an electric bike is……you cant go out to the garage and listen to the roar of the motor just to make yourself feel better when it’s too wet to ride! But, you can keep the electric running till it runs out of juice and it wont make you cough or burn your eyes. LOL. It’s all about the give and take, people.
With every new break through, these electric bikes get better and more appealing to own and ride. I have had so much fun discovering the world of electric motorcycles and will keep you posted on all the adventures Dot and I have. My next purchase will be a handle bar mounted camera…..then, look out!  So, please hold, there is a lot more to come.
Lady Godiva on wheels…….with Dot!


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