Can Harley Davidson make the come back they dream of…or are they over the hill, like most of their riders

I have always considered and heard that Harley Davidson sets the tone for the entire motorcycle industry. If that is truly the case, you may have plenty of time to find a smokin’ hot deal on that bike of your dreams!

Harley stock has taken a beating during this economic downturn to as low as $9 per share. It has bounced up to a whopping $15 currently but, that may be the ceiling for some time. Individual dealers are all but giving the bikes away and soon the time for “in dealer” weekend party time at dealerships are due to begin. That will open the door for deals, deals, deals! Here is what the experts are saying about Harley…http://ow.ly/1ucKx

Again, we are hearing about the aging Harley rider. Being one of those aging individuals, I get tired of hearing it. However, if I were someone in charge of things at Harley, I would have made changes ten years ago….when I first mentioned it to one of the employees at my local Harley dealership. They laughed at me when I recommended they consider trikes and sidecars for older riders and women…..hmmmmmm. Not so funny now, is it!!??
Here is a little bit of what the chatter is about it today….http://ow.ly/1ucMJ

Although it appears as though a comeback may be some time coming, I would recommend watching the stock. Harley may have its troubles with the economy but, it’s an icon known world-wide. If there is to be a comeback, Harley will be the one to achieve it on that merit alone. It might be worth a little money invested now for a profit in two years.

If you happen to be dreaming of a new Harley, they are back to running the “Harley competitive bike exchange” and I have been hearing that they have some great financing…http://ow.ly/1ucQU and next month is “Women’s month at Harley Davidson”…http://ow.ly/1ucTg . Now is the time. It might sound like I’m asking everyone to take advantage of a guy by kicking him when he’s down….oh, well! After the financial disaster the banks have put it in, I say “I can live with that!” ….chuckling

Food for though from Lady Godiva on wheels


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