Has spring got you longing for a new love?

I am very fortunate to be the kind of person that constantly looks at my old stuff and it makes me smile.  That may very well be a “girl” thing, I’m not sure.  With that said….here is a blog that pertains to “you other folk”.

Spring is traditionally a time of “new”. New leaves on the trees, a new year full of new possibilities, new baby animals of all kinds and on and on….
If spring is making you long for that new ride, here is where you can view the new models for the new year!  Maybe you will find the new “love of your life” on one of these websites.  Good viewing and good luck!

In alphabetical order so as not to show favoritism! All dealerships chosen because I prefered “the look” of the bikes displayed..and to give my locals a mention!!
BMW   http://ow.ly/18oqe (Thank you, BMW of San Francisco)
Ducati  http://ow.ly/18ovc (Thank you, Modesto Ducati)
Harley Davidson http://ow.ly/18oyY
Honda  http://ow.ly/18oG2 (Thank you, Beaverton Honda)
Indian  http://ow.ly/18oPw
Kawasaki  http://ow.ly/18oTU (Thank you, Beaverton Kawasaki)
Suzuki  http://ow.ly/18oXt (Thank you, Beaverton Suzuki)
Triumph    http://ow.ly/18p5l
Yamaha  http://ow.ly/18p0C (Thank you, Beaverton Yamaha)
**And, yes, I live in Beaverton, Oregon. **

So, take a peek, feel free to drool and have some fun dreaming. Spring is the perfect time to dream and who knows…your dream may become a reality.

Lady Godiva on wheels….in dream land!!


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