Challenge for all…a trike that leans??

For anyone who doenst know me…I am a girl pushin 55! I am a business owner, mother and grandmother raising my now 17yr old grandson for the past 5 years. I love to ride! However, I realize that there is too much hinging on me to fall down and hurt my aging body. I dont bounce like I used to! With that in my head, I was actually “afraid” to ride. I have a beautiful Road King just sitting in the garage calling my name….daily! I have been told that once you are afraid, riding becomes difficult and I have to say that it is not a rumor but factual with me. So….I reluctantly decided to go to a trike.
I convinced myself that it was “no big deal”. In fact, it would give me a trunk with more space than I could use to cart around my stuff. I could go to the store and not have to stuff the milk into my shirt to carry it home….brrrrrrr. The reality is that riding a trike is different, stiff, weird! I have to be honest about it. Most of my riding bretheren would tell you that a trike is not a motorcycle. I wont go that far but, I will tell you that I am concerned that it will diminish the fun for me, just a tad……or more.
I have a couple that I know and they became the proud guardians of an infant grandson about five years ago. That presented a problem for the couple since they were the active presidents of the Rose City Motorcycle Club here in Portland, Oregon and advid riders. To allow her to ride whenever she wanted, she had to figure out how to bring the boy with her……enter, side car! But, leaning is her therapy and a rigid side car would eliminate that possiblilty. Hmmmmm. With a little research and some patience, he found a side car that leans. Yup, you heard me…leans. (read details at http://www.bmwmotorcycletech.info/flexit.htm ). So, off to Belgium to pick it up, bring it home and install it. Several years later, the little boy has traveled the country in that side car, she gets to lean and all is well with the world.
Now, my question is this…..why cant someone build a trike that leans? Or at least some “clip on wheels” that lean. COME ON…somebody??
According to my husband, he saw a person riding a three wheeled bicycle and thought, “why couldnt we buy one of those and use it as a test vehicle to try to find a design that works”? Very good point. It does duplicate the same design on a much simpler level.
With Harley Davidson realizing that the target rider is aging, they got on the trike bandwagon this last year. But, just because we are old doesnt mean we want to give up that glorious feeling of flying that we get when we take a curve. We may be aging but we still like the roar of the road and the curves ahead!

This is my challenge…..is there someone out there that needs a guine pig? I would be in….so in. I will even ride around town on the three wheel bike and test the design. I mean that.
If anyone has ideas, let me know. Get on the site and see what makes the leaning side car work. Call all your engineer friends. Give an old girl a break! Dont make me give up the “LEAN”!!!

Lady Godiva on three ridgid wheels? Whimper….


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