Saved by an Angel….a Hells Angel

I have a blogger buddy named Michael at http://harleythoughts.com/, and he did a very good piece on the Hells Angels called “The Hells Angels – The Most Intelligent and Influential Outlaw Biker Club in the World”. Definatelly worth the time to read it, by the way. After I read it, I remembered my own experience with a group of about twenty of them in Southern California in the late 70’s. The story goes like this….
I was in my early twenties, tan, thin, blonde, driving a chopped VW convertable around the town of Laguna Hills, California. I had my sweet little three year old daughter in the car and we were out for a drive, looking for a bit of water in the Trabucca Canyon area to play in. Noticing I was low on gas, I turned into a station to fill up. In California we fill our own tanks and have for ever. Standing there with the nozzle in hand and watching the pump, I didnt pay any attention to the pickup with the local Marines in it that pulled up to the island on the other side of me. I didnt notice them but they did notice me. At first I blew it off as just a little fun but they got a little too friendly. I got a bit uncomfortable when they were standing in all directions of me and didnt move to let me pass. I felt an urgent need to get the hell out of there and was just shy of a full blown panic when I heard a deep voice say, “Do you need some help here?” When I turned around, there was a guy standing by the last pump of the row, with another twenty or so walking towards us. The group making their approach started talking, the Marines started responding and the guy by the pump ushered me to my car door, shoved me in and said, “Start the car and drive, we’ll be right behind you”.
Let me paint a picture of this for you…….8-10 burley Marines with their street clothes on but noticably cropped military haircuts and macho attitudes meets 15-20 burley badass bikers with leather,tats,long hair and bad “lets kick their asses” attitudes and one 100lb blonde girl with a three year old. I couldnt start the car fast enough. The last thing the biker said to me was, “Dont be afraid, we’ll take care of this” or at least I think thats what he said! The thunder of the motorcycles starting made him hard to hear. The last thing I saw in my rear view mirror was the Marines and the pickup throwing dirt as they took off and went the opposite way.
By the time I got to the first stop light, I was surrounded by all the bikes. They escourted me all the way home and after I pulled into my driveway, they drove down to the end of the cul-de-sac and back by the house and away. All I could do was wave and scream “THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!”
There were neighbors standing outside looking at me like I had two heads! I just smiled…
The strangest part of this is that when I drove into the gas station, I didnt see one bike. I doubt I could have missed twenty. All I know is that they sure came through for me. That day they were my Angels and I have had a soft spot for them ever since! I looked for them for the remainder of the time I lived in that town and never saw them again. But I never forgot them…….
So, mine is a story of a girl who had heard all the stories of the Hells Angels and had formed a less than glowing opinion of them. I was wrong of this particular group and have come to realize that I need to hold the opinion until I see the truth for myself, and thats with any person, group, organization.

I hope if there ever comes a time when you need an angel, your angel will appear. If they happen to be on bikes, remember…..they may be the same angels that helped out that girl in Southern California.

Lady Godiva with angels on wheels………………..


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