The power of the motor.

I bought myself a new toy the other day. Yup! I bought myself a power washer by Rigid powered by Subaru. This bad boy gives me 3000 pounds per square inch and 2.6 gallons of water per minute!! Phew. That can blow the paint right off something if your not careful.
My first love in the tool shed used to be my leaf blower. A beautiful blower by Stihl! I thought I could clean anything with it but, the new tool in the shed is definitaly my power washer. I tried to break it to the blower gently but, once I pulled the cord and the powerwasher fired up, there was no way to deny what had happened. I started slowly, being unsure of what to expect but, the wand gave me a new sense of authority over the dirt on my deck, the mess in the driveway, the dust on the house siding and anything else that came into view. I couldnt put it down!! The deck, the cement, the asphalt, the siding, the grandkids….opps, sorry kids! I was drunk with power and if I could have caught the dogs, they would be bald now.
In all honesty, I am a motor junky. I would rather go to Home Depot than the mall. I would rather go to the John Deere distributor than a jewelry store. I love to fire something up and dominate! I believe God made my hands to be dirty. I cant help myself.
Which brings us to why I love motorcycles…..they have motors, you fire them up and dominate, and I can get very dirty playing with them. Lets not forget the feeling of flying……its intoxicating. Who needs booze when you ride a bike? Ya know what I mean??
So, thats the story of my newest love….the powerwasher. I have to go, he’s waiting!!

Lady Godiva with a powerwasher…on wheels!!


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