Dont forget “Ride to Work Day”

Just wanted to remind everyone that June 15th is the 18th annual motorcycle and scooter “Ride to Work Day”. Its a day dedicated to advocating the everyday use of motorcycles as transportation and bringing awareness to the number of motorcycles on the road.
According to my friend at “Northwest Harley Blog”….In the U.S. the average driver travels 29 miles per day and a total of 55 minutes on the road. Motorcycle riders are a minority. Commuting and transportation riders are a minority within a minority. So, in the semi-famous words of Ben Stiller and the “Do It” guy of Starsky & Hutch… “No, seriously come on. Do it. Do it.”
So, if it means enough to mention multiple times….which he has….lets give it a try!

Lady Godiva on wheels, riding to work!!


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