My friend at Kneeslider.com

I have a passion for electic motorcycles. I have written about the Enertia from Brammo motorsports in Ashland, Oregon. I have written about the “Mission One” out of the San Francisco area. I like these bikes but….I love the way the “Blue Shift” motorcycle looks! And, its electric but looks like a crotch rocket. http://www.blueshiftmotorcycles.com/specs.html

I had trouble remembering the name of the bike. I thought it was called the “Throttle” out of Michigan. I looked everywhere for the darn thing. When I had exhausted all possibilities, I decided to bug my friend at Kneeslider. I gave him all the info I could remember and much of it was wrong to boot!! Now, if you have never visited this site, please do. I read it nearly everyday. It is the most complete compiling of information about motorcyces that I have encountered and I have been surfing the web for motorcycle information for YEARS! Not only did this guy find the bike for me but, he replied to my inquiry. Not everyone does that. I know its shocking but true!

This guy came through for me and I consider him a gentleman for taking the time to help a girl out. You can find him at http://thekneeslider.com/ and he has new information daily. If you want to know ANYTHING, thats the place to find it. If you cant find it, ask! He actually responds to your inquiries.

I want to send a special thank you out to anyone who is on top of things enough to answer and thats what this guy did! So, Paul, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are good people and I promise to read your information till Im old and gray. At that, you have a good five years out of me!! LOL

Lady Godiva on wheels……………………..


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