What my Daddy said about motorcycles and diaretics…

My father is the first guy that ever gave me a ride on a motorcycle. At age three, he zipped me up in his leather jacket and off we went. Sigh, fond memories.
My father has been in the hospital for a few days. Nothing life threatening but, hes gettin older, as are we all, and he hadnt noticed a few things until they were makin him sick. Thats when my dad goes to a hospital, when he is sick enough to be subdued and loaded into an ambulance! The end result is he came home with what he refures to as “water pills”, we call them diaretics. We began talking about the fact that so many people after a certain age are perscibed these diaretics and thats not too much of a problem but a bit unmanagable if you are on a motorcycle and doing any more than down to the store and back!
My father comes up with an idea……his next invention….something that will make him rich, and allow him to ride even with the diaretics!
Now, I cant be quite as colorful as my father was when I explain, but, the idea goes like this……a soft comfortable cradle to put your “junk” in with a tube running down your leg and past your boot. Then you can have the comfort of urinating while you ride and only stop when the rest of the group stops. After I quit laughing my butt off at his discriptions, we got a bigger laugh at the possible disasters. Let me just say that the three winners were….1)Never urinate when the wind is blowin good and another rider, who is visibally the size of a small mountain, riding in the line of fire! 2)Never sneeze real hard..eww! 3) And, never sit at a table next to some really scarey guys with your “hose” foot up on your leg pointing at them….and then sneeze real hard!! You get the picture.
Obviously, my father is fine! Still has his sense of humor and thinks he is as funny as all get out. And, who knows….there may be something to this idea!!

Lady Godiva on wheels….and all this talk makes me need to go! 😉


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