Ah, that Dave Perewitz bike.

I cant stop thinking about my chance to interview Dave Perewitz, the man that has been building custom bikes for more than 30 years and known for his painting style. That was so much of a trill for me!

On that note, Dave Perewitz built a bobber for Allstate Insurance Company that has followed him around the country while he has promoted the saftey of riders and drivers. He will be at Stugis, for all those that will be there. Stop by and say “hi”, he is one sweet guy. While you are there, take a peek at the Allstate bobber and remember that once the tour is over, they are planning to give the bike to the winner of the contest. Register at their website ( http://www.allstategarage.com )and you might be the lucky boy or girl to get a bike built by a legend! It would make a wonderful addition to somebodies collection. (Ends 2/2010)

The Allstate bobber is a little bit different than the bikes we have enjoyed watching him build via the Discover Channel Bikers Build-off series, but its a sleek little sweetie none the less. The particulars of the bike are:
•A v-twin powerplant with a Panhead bottom end, an Evo top end, and STD cases
•A 6-speed Baker transmission in a 4-speed box
•Frame, forks and wheels by Leroy Thompson Choppers
•Perimeter Brembo brakes
•23-inch Avon tires
•Artwork by Keith Hanson and paint by PPG/Perewitz Cycle Fab
and valued at $50,000

You can also see the bike on Dave Perewitz blogsite at http://perewitz.blogspot.com and see my interview with him at http://www.motorcycletravelamerica.com. There are plenty of great pics of the bike….so, go ahead and take a peek. Register to win it and you might be able to get Dave to sign it for ya!!

FYI…I registered to win it!!

Lady Godiva on the wheels of the Allstate Bobber??? LOL


2 Responses to “Ah, that Dave Perewitz bike.”

  1. 1 Bobber Fan
    June 3, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    The website to register for the Bobber sweeps is actually http://www.allstategarage.com.

    • 2 mtajudy
      June 4, 2009 at 5:17 am

      Bobber Fan,

      You are so right, my friend. Made the correction and all is well.
      Appreciate you stopping by and reading my little blog! Judy

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