Memorial Day….sniffle

The Memorial Day weekend is behind us. I cant help but pause…..it was one of the most emotional I have experienced and I couldnt quite put my finger on why. That, as always, makes me ponder. Why did I take it so hard? The parades, the acknowledgment, the veterans, the flags…..was I questioning what it is really for?

I guess with the economy circling the drain, people loosing their homes, their jobs and their dignity, it made me wonder. This is what I know……we are all here cirling the drain, and we will all be here when it turns around because of the people that fought for our right to do so. We have had troubled times and we will again but, we get to decide. We get to worship, complain, vote! We get to mess it up and fix it up….we…the American people are free to do that! I am proud and thankful to be one of those.

I have been reading all the blogs about Memorial Day and I am pleased to read all the thoughtful and provocative works of these talented people. They have taken the time to put down their pens writting about motorcycles and pour out their hearts to our veterans. Bravo!

I want to add a quote from my friend, Beth at http://beth-aroundtheloop.blogspot.com…”Someone once said we live in the land of the free, because of the brave. Please remember to thank those brave men and women who answered the call of their country”. You cant say it any better than that! And, I wont even try…

Thank you, to all the vets from the wars of the past, the ones of the present and…God help us all….the ones of the future. I believe they are heros and I believe in the term “in God we trust”. Take care of a hero, if you can. Thank God for your freedom and pray that the veterans of our nation are cared for, if you cant. Enjoy your freedom….one day you may have to fight for it yourself!

Thank you, Beth,and all the talented and thoughtful bloggers!!

An emotionally exhausted but, very grateful, Lady Godiva on wheels….


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