Everything I learned in Laughlin!

          I was sitting here…..here could be anywhere…..and I began to ponder, “What did I really learn from my trip to Laughlin, Nevada?”

          Well, for the first thing, I discovered that you could hand out almost four thousand fliers telling about the cool picture  contest I was hosting on my new website and promise them CASH, only to find out that only about twenty people actually did it!  Man, that’s rough.  I’ll bet I talked to over a thousand people, flirted with several bikers, smiled until my face hurt and fell into bed every night completely exhausted.   My nearly thirty year old daughter, who is gorgeous,  offered to do the honors next year.  And, I intend to let her!!  And six of her cutie friends!

          The second thing is that when I did the interview with Dave Perewitz, I learned you have to listen very carefully to understand a person with a Bostonian accent.  Although I am familiar with the term “bobber” in the motorcycle world, it sounded like barber when he said it.  And, it made me giggle like a little school girl!!  Talk about feeling like a real dummy!  Thank goodness Mr. Perewitz was such a gentleman. 

          Then there was the lesson about how poorly we ride!  I cant say enough about that one.  I have lost more than my share of motorcycle brethren in my life and Im not real comfortable with the possibility of it happening again.  I may have to do a whole campaign about safety and the responsibility of the rider!  DEFENSE, people.

          And, now that I am home, I realize that launching a website on a shoestring budget takes time!  I will have to be clever, diligent, persistent and have perfect timing.  I am up to the task.  I wasn’t given this idea so I could bail when it gets tough.  The people that know me, know that that isnt the time that I walk, its the time that I dig in.   So, I’m digging in folks…………………….

     So, lets recap….1)It doesn’t help to promise people free money, they still don’t care.
                                 2)People with Bostonian accents sound funny and make me giggle.
                                 3)Motorcyclists think they are on the road alone.
                                 4)Having no money sucks!!

Somewhere in there is an old saying……LOL

                                                        Stay tuned, because I’m just getting started!!   
                                                                  Lady Godiva on wheels, digging in!!


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