A little more about what I learned on my visit to the Allstate Garage

As you read mentioned in my last blog, “Dave Perewitz keeps us all in good hands with Allstate…”, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation came up with some very good advice for both motorists and motorcyclists alike.  I have to hand it to these guys. Its good, simple, logical advice.  Here it is for all to see and pay attention!
1) Be careful when going through an intersection.  80% of all accidents happen in an intersection. 80% of all those involve a motorist.
2)Did you know most motorcyclists do not activate their brake lights when slowing down? They slow sown by downshifting. A motorcyclist should flash their brake lights when slowing down.  This helps others on the road know your intentions.
3)Because of the small size, a motorcycle can easily hide in a car’s blind spot.  A motorcyclist should avoid blind spots and always use your headlights.
4)Motorcyclists often adjust position within a lane. This helps them be seen more easily by motorists.  Motorcyclists should avoid side-by-side formations.  This will give them room to swerve to avoid a potential hazard.
5)Motorcyclists should remember to give themselves plenty of room between the bike and the car in front of them. It will allow more time to react to other motorists actions.
6)A motorcyclist should always remember to wear the proper gear.  It provides the protection in the event your body his the road.  And, if you are a new rider, rush hour is not the time to learn how to maneuver your bike.  You should STRONGLY consider taking a training course.

Now, most of these may seem like common sense but, I did blog about my recent trip to Laughlin, Nevada and let everyone know that I was less than happy with my motorcycling brothers and sisters.  I may have been a little more hyper-sensitive about the “motorcycling  gone a wry” because I’m a girl  that rides and know the rules of the road.  I was waiting for a very ugly scenario to unfold on the road from here to there and, although it didn’t, it could easily have.
Motorcycle accidents are on the rise and its being said that it may have to do with the fact that we HD riders are between 45 and 60 and are naturally apt to have more accidents.  They are predicting that the older we get, the more accidents we are going to have.  I don’t know about that!  And, I am still researching the facts.  That’s for a later blog!! 

Well, Allstate Motorcycle Insurance and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation have given us some “food for thought”.  So, think about it!!  I am….

                                                 Lady Godiva on wheels..deep in thought!  Hmmmmmmmmmm


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