Dave Perewitz keeps us all in good hands with the help of Allstate Motorcycle Insurance.

At the public introduction of my new website, Motorcycle Travel America.com, I had the good fortune to be invited to the Allstate Garage at the Laughlin River Run. I was given a first hand look at the efforts being made to bring safety awareness to both motorcyclists and auto drivers, alike.
With the help and expertise of such a high profile spokesperson as Dave Perewitz of Perewitz Cycle Fabrication, the word is getting out that there are things we can and should do to increase our chances of surviving the open road. Dave Perewitz has more than 30 years of experience riding and building motorcycles and I was given an opportunity to sit around and talk with this hospitable man about saving the lives of motorcyclists.

Dave explained that he, along with Allstate and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), developed safety tips for a tri-fold card with tips for motorcyclist on one side and automobile drivers on the other. These tip cards are distributed at events and Dave talks to riders to help them understand the stats. According to those statistics, 80% of all motorcycle accidents happen in intersections and 80% of all those involve an auto. “Look, look, then look again and see what you didn’t see the first time” is the advice Dave gives all riders and drivers. This dynamic spokesman will be travelling to major events across the country along with the Allstate motorcycle that Perewitz Cycle Fabrications (http://www.perewitz.com) built and will auction off at the end of the year (pictured on my website).

To his credit, Dave Perewitz is a four time Motorcycle Hall of Famer, recipient of the Easyriders Magazine “Lifetime Achievement Award”, Discovery Channels Great Biker Build-off 2006 winner, and too many other acknowledgments to mention. I was having so much fun talking to Mr. Perewitz that I asked him a few more things. He answered with the true Bostonian accent that comes from his living in his part of the country.

**Have you always wanted to be in the motorcycle industry? Dave: Before that I was a mechanic. No, I didn’t have it in mind, it just happened.

**Is paint your first love of design? Do you see the paint and build the bike or build the bike and see the paint? Dave: Yes, paint is my first love of design. I build the bike and see the paint but we don’t do sketches. Nope, no sketches, it’s all in my head. We build the bike from what’s in my mind.

**As an artist in the motorcycle industry and being in it for over 30 years, what are the trends you’re seeing. Dave: Bobbers and baggers are in right now. The bobbers are cheaper to build than most customs. They can be crude and they look good crude. Baggers were never popular because guys would say, “we dont wanna look like an old man”. Now, they want to carry so much stuff that they need the bikes with the bags.

**Because I am in the process of building a family business, I have to ask you how it feels to be in the position of a parent that succeeded at it? Dave: Great! It’s had it’s challenges but it’s great working with my kids and it’s been very rewarding.

Click on “tips” at the top of the page to get tips on safety, riding schools, getting your endorsement, insurance companies, and laws per state. Or, if you are in my blog, click on the website and do the same.(http://motorcycletravelamerica.com)

Thank-you Dave, for giving me some of your time and a great experience.
My thanx to Ryan McShane for the opportunity to be in the presence of greatness.
Thank you to Allstate for helping keep us safe.

Be safe out there, Lady Godiva on wheels


3 Responses to “Dave Perewitz keeps us all in good hands with the help of Allstate Motorcycle Insurance.”

  1. May 6, 2009 at 5:05 am

    Hi, interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll probably be subscribing to your blog. Keep up the good work

    • 2 mtajudy
      May 6, 2009 at 8:35 pm

      Thanx for the comment. Doing a back up to this one. Always a good idea to keep the bike upright…caution helps, but education is the key. Can see the pic of the bike that Dave Perewitz built for Allstate on my site @ http://motorcycletravelamerica.com The site is 50% up and running. Now we are on to the maps. Stop by anytime!!
      Keep the comments coming so I know what info is important to get out there. Just because I think it is doesnt make it so. thanx again

    • 3 mtajudy
      May 6, 2009 at 8:39 pm

      Why dont u stop by the site and take a look at the “Ladies only” section. You may be able to shed a little insight to the ladies. Maybe we can figure out how to include you in there. will talk to the web guys and see “how”. im not much of a computer geek, just a girl with a dream of building a business for the kids and grandkids.
      let me know ur thoughts on this. email me at mta97007@cs.com the name is Judy

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