View from the car.

I had the pleasure of going to the Laughlin River Run this past month, for the first public introduction of my families new website, Motorcycle Travel America.com. This is not my first occasion to visit Laughlin for this particular event but, it was the first time I traveled there in a car.  I had fliers to hand out and information to bring along that would have been difficult to fit in the saddle bags, so I succumbed to the auto.  And that’s where my story begins.

I have, on occasion, considered some of my biking brethren a little less than stellar riders. I have, on occasion, called a couple of them crazy. This road trip, via a car, gave me a particularly clear view of how careless we can be. I, myself, nearly ran off the road when a motorcyclist decided to go between cars (called “lane splitting”)on the I-5 freeway, which is legal in California. Legal, but not wise!  I literally had to put the two driver side tires on the shoulder to insure that he didn’t bump me and kill himself.  Then I said a few nasty words, clutched my chest, and started to review my own riding skills.  
Now, “I” know what I’m doing when I ride. That doesn’t mean the other cars on the road know what I’m doing. It was much harder to read a rider than I thought! And when they are riding in a group, they resemble the behavior of a swarm of bees. It was maddening.
One more “food for thought”…….DRIVE IN THE SLOW LANE. The left lane is for passing, and when you have completed the passing of a vehicle, get in the right lane.  Its that simple. And, its the law.
To check all motorcycle laws per state, check my website (http://motorcycletravelamerica.com). Click on “tips” and scroll down to safety. Always check the laws of the states you plan to visit to know what is expected of you as a safe rider.
As a rider, I was concerned at the level of disregard these riders were willing to display.  I think its time to reconsider how we ride, before we loose the battle of the road.  If you have a minute, look for statistics on the Internet. If that doesn’t make you change your ways, then you really don’t care.  If you don’t care about yourself, consider the guy that kills you and has to live with that.  And, consider the people that love you and have to live without you. 

                                                                            And, that’s the view I saw from the car!
                                                                                             Lady Godiva on wheels


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