Hi Ho,Hi Ho, Its off to Laughlin I go!!

     Imagine, if you will, being a part of a Broadway play. You rehearse, and rehearse for weeks and even months. You can literally say your lines in your sleep, and probably have. Opening night is just a few days away and suddenly, you get stage fright! Well, that’s not even close to how I feel.
     I have been working on this website for over two years. I know it backwards and forwards. I do see it in my sleep! In addition, I am one of those bubbly, happy, people persons that loves to talk to anyone and everyone. With that in mind, why would I suddenly be scarred! I am going down to the Laughlin River Run, which I have attended numerous times before, to be amongst motorcycle people, like myself, and do what I do best, which is talk. Hmmm…now that is something to ponder.
     According to Wikipedia.com, Stage fright or performance anxiety is the anxiety, fear, or persistent phobia which may be aroused in an individual by the requirement to perform in front of an audience, whether actually or potentially (for example, when performing before a camera). In the context of public speaking, this fear is termed glossophobia, one of the most common of phobias. Such anxiety may precede or accompany participation in any activity involving public self-presentation. FYI…that doesn’t describe me at all!!
     So, I guess I will have to just have faith that God knows what he’s doing with me and put myself out there while throwing in a little fun. Sometimes writting about it makes me feel better and I think this is one of those times. In fact, I’m starting to feel excited and  giggly.  Now, that’s more like me.
     “Thank you” to everyone that looked at my brand spankin new website. If you havent seen it yet, it’s http://motorcycletravelamerica.com. Once you get there, you will find a place for you to sign in and tell me a little about “you”. You can sign up your club, or create one, show off your photos, and add any event you might think people will be interested in attending.
     Let’s have some fun! The sun is shinning and there are so many bikes on the road that my neck hurts from snapping around to catch a glimpse. Everyone ride safe, but, get out there and ride!
     I will be back in town in a week with some great pictures for the photo gallery on my website. For those who are attending the run, I am having a contest for the best event picture. There will be cash prizes for first ($200), second ($150) and third ($100) places. So, start snapping those pictures. Who knows, you might win!!

                                     Lady Godiva on wheels and on the way to Laughlin!!!!!  Wooohooooo

P.S.  There is much more to come to the website so stay tuned. Revisit often to see what else we add.  Also, remember to advise us if you think there is something that might be helpful to other bikers and we havent thought of it yet!


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