My MotoSport Magazine….

I’m home in bed today….sick!!  I don’t do sick real well and today is no different.  About the time I thought I was going to loose my mind, the mail came with my MotoSport.com street resource book for 2009!! Halaluea, brothers and sisters. My sanity is saved.
The cover has a picture of Larry Pegram on the “Foremost Insurance” Ducati racing bike sponsored by……you guessed it…..MotoSport!! http://www.pegramracing.com/ Nice little “front wheel off the pavement” picture to stimulate the senses before I even crack the cover. Nice! You can also follow Larry Pegram on facebook @ http://ow.ly/2zp3.
Now, I need a new helmet.  I really do! Its not like shoes…..well, kinda. Okay, I don’t need a helmet but, I want one!  So, I’m goin in.
If I have to sit in bed and puke all day, the least I can do is have fun shopping in my MotoSport Magazine. I love you guys. That and sanitize and re-sanitize my laptop keyboard….lol.

                                   Lady Godiva on wheels…..pukin away……….


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