Computer geek, I am NOT!

So, according to my friend Rich with Blue Sky Web Design, I need to be on Facebook and Twitter. Now, I don’t even like “reality TV”, on line relationships, or chat rooms but, I am on Facebook and Twitter.  I am launching a web site this month and its important for me to be in the motorcycle loop because that’s what my web site is all about.  Okay, fine.
On Twitter I found a way to tweet from my phone. I am so technologically inept but, I managed to accomplish this HUGE feat. I was so proud of myself that I told everyone on Twitter that I would be able to tweet, via my phone, about all that was happening at the Laughlin River Run, while I was there, passing out information about the Motorcycle Travel America event picture contest that my new web site is having as an introduction to the public on April 22-26. 
One of the people on Twitter responded by saying that he and a group would be there and he would have his blackberry with him. Because I am so darn lacking in the understanding of all that is this technology, I actually advised him that I am “old school” and he could text me and passed my number along.  REALLY? How blond can I be?
I want to apologize to all the numerous people that have to put up with my ineptness. I am just an infant in all this. I am barely crawling along but I’m making progress.  I am immune to the laughter, in fact, I laugh right along with them. How can I not? It is amazing how much I have learned and how far I have come. Under the tutelage of my friends at Blue Sky Web Design, I can go nowhere but up. Bare with me and we can all be amazed……mostly me.
That’s my silly story for the week, the month, and maybe the year.  Here’s to all the “not computer” geeks in the world.  Don’t give up.

                         Lady Godiva on wheels………just crawling!!


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