I’m on a Mission….don’t I wish!!

Well, I’m on to another electric motorcycle that has caught my attention. You may recall the recent blog I did on the Enertia Motorcycle by Brammo. I didnt have any luck getting to talk to anyone about that bike and certainly didnt get to see one or….dare to dream….ride it!!  In my depressed state of rejection (;))..actually, in an attempt to find another way to get in to see the bike…I found another bike that I liked even more.  The Enertia really seemed to be the perfect commuter bike but this new one just sounds like pure fun. My new love is the Mission One from Mission Motor Company located somewhere near San Francisco.
This little gem has that same futuristic look that seems to be a signature for the electric bike.  The designer/developers (Yves Behar and fuseproject) claim to have given much attention to more than just horse power and top speed ratings but, every aspect of performance, as well, such as speed, acceleration, range, handling, reliability, and impact on environment. With that said, it is abundantly clear that they also mean this motorcycle to mean business with 100 ft-lbs of torque at 0 to 6,500 rpm, a top speed of 150 mph, and a high energy lithium ion battery that gives you 150 mile range. 
So, this bike is sporting the latest in battery technology, powerful motor, and smart technology to give this bike sustainability instead of compromise and loads of fun for the rider, as well.  Check it out at http://ridemission.com/. And, remember that we owe it to Mother Earth and the future generations to limit our carbon footprint. We are runnin out of excuses and with the Mission One, we’ve lost several!!

Food for thought………………………………….Lady Godiva on wheels


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