Rip VanWinkle??

Okay, I know I said I was pooped but that was a very long nap, indeed.  Guess I needed sleep more than I thought.
Well, I’m back from my long winters nap and have a lot of work to do.  Have had time to ponder many things but, where to start.  The economy, the pretty bike I saw, unemployment, that cool bike I passed.  I’m going with the cool bike I saw at the dealership I visited today.  True, there is no money to buy but, it didn’t cost to look, and drool!!
As far as the economy is concerned, lets do what we can to help each other out!  We are all circling the drain together and if we go down, we go down together. There is only one way we are going to make it and that is to unite.  Don’t be like the banks and hoard or go buy something for yourself…..sorry, guys but, that’s what you do…..but, give back and help out.  Volunteer! Check with the local churches for people in need, look online for volunteer opportunities, or ask your friends if they know where you can serve.  It is good for the soul and for everyone you serve at a time when no one really knows where this is going.
And, on that note, I’m off to work.  So, much to do and so little time…………

                                            A busy Lady Godiva on wheels 

P.S.  Motorcycle stuff coming….too much to ponder!!

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