I’m in love with a Monster!

When it comes to motorcycles, I love them all. To prove this point….I ride a Harley, want a Valkyrie, am in love with a Ducati, and am passionate about the electric bikes.  See what I mean?
Currently I am in love with the newest of the breed, the Ducati called the Monster 1100.  It shares many of the elements as the 696 that came out a few months ago but, when the lucky people that have gotten to test drive it talk about the performace, it makes me tingle.  The word torque is used with gusto!!  And the visual of this very bad boy coming around a curve makes me dizzy.
All you have to do is see a picture of this bike to know that it means business.  The sleek sexy lines are there under a bolder looking bike. Its hard to explain!  You know its a Ducati but it looks intimidating like it might be the Ducatis older brother on steroids!  All I know is that I am too old for a crotch rocket and yet, I want this bike….badly.  I am dying to see one, hear it roar, and plant myself on the seat for a little daydream!  I’m too old for a crotch rocket, I’m too old for a crotch rocket…have I left Oz yet?
So, take a peak at this beautiful bike and drool along with me. http://ow.ly/1Quj at Motorcycle.com.  Thanx, guys, for the great information! Or at Ducati New at http://ow.ly/1O6E. Thanx to you guys, as well!
Also, find someone to help today. A little goes along way and will make you feel soooo good. Be thankful!!

                                  A very thankful Lady Godiva on wheels


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