Where did my Valkyrie go?

     I have a love for the Honda Valkyries.  They are burly as hell which is why I love them. One of my friends called them a “car on two wheels”. I think that’s fair.
     The Valkyrie was manufactured by Honda, in the United States at the Honda motorcycle plant in Marysville, Ohio.  It consisted of a 1520cc horizontally opposed six cylinder liquid cooled boxer engine that was a transplant from the Honda’s Goldwing model.  The norm for the ‘cruiser’ style bikes were consistently based on a V-twin engine and, so the Valkyrie was quite unusual. The transplant from the Goldwing brought changes to the camshaft and six individual 28mm carburetors, one for each cylinder. The changes were made to increase power and torque. And they sounded bad-ass as a result.
     The introduction of the Valkyrie in 1997 brought two models, the Standard and the Tourer.  The latter included a windshield and lockable hard saddlebags. In 1999, the Interstate model was added, which included a fork-mounted fairing and a trunk. (I love a trunk).
     As sales dwindled, the Tourer model was dropped in 2000 and the Interstate was dropped in 2001.  In 2003 the Standard was the only model left but could only be purchased in the color black.  That lasted one year and was the end of the original Valkyrie.
     In 2003, Honda introduced a limited edition motorcycle called the Valkyrie Rune. It sported an 1800cc engine. It looked nothing like the original Valkyrie, being all waspy-esq and it was definitely a screamer.
     And with the decline of interest came the demise of the Valkyrie. But, fear not, there is a used one out there, somewhere, with my name on it! Black….can have rear end damage because I intend to have my trike!!!  Just so you know.

                                  Lady Godiva on wheels……three wheels!!!


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