Have you heard the silent motorcycle?

     I am so intrigued by this new concept in motorcycles that I cant help but read everything possible and gobble up any and all information.  I wanted to take this opportunity to share the news with all of you. Now, I know my heart is all about my gasoline powered, noisy, burly, actual motorcycle. But, I watch my grandchildren use all this “green” information as though it were a matter of life and death.  I am constantly very lovingly corrected about everything from how to brush my teeth to disposing of light bulbs. I know that I need to be open minded enough to see whats new. I managed to find just that when I found electric motorcycles. My grandkids would be proud. 
     In my quest to find “green” cleaning products for my websites “green” section, I found an article at treehugger.com about an electric motorcycle that is amazingly nice looking in design.  It is called the Enertia Electric Motorcycle and its manufactured by Brammo Motosports(http://www.enertiabike.com) in Ashland, Oregon, about four hours from my hometown. I couldn’t wait to interview the owner, take some pics for the website, take it for a spin, and hear…or not hear it run!! The darn thing doesn’t make a sound.
     Now, the stats on this bike makes it a great commuter bike with a top speed of 50 mph and a range of about 45 miles.  The Valence Lithium Ion Phosphate battery takes only three hours to recharge fully. The motor type is a High Output Permanent Magnet DC and upon completion the entire bike weighs only 280 lbs.
     I couldn’t wait to see this bike which resembles one of our current enduro-type bikes, and looks rather sleek with clean, sexy lines.  I sent out emails to the company and waited for a response. I made several phone calls which resulted in the leaving of several messages with no return response. I wanted to see this bike so much so that I finally made the four hour trip to find out if these guys were even in business!
     Upon arrival I found out that they were in business. I didn’t get to see the bike because they weren’t starting production until they completed their move to a new building and, although I left them my card and sent them information on my company through the mail, I haven’t heard from them at all.  I guess the idea of free exposure for fifteen minutes of conversation didn’t appeal to them! hmmmm.
     So, after considerable grumbling and a little Internet surfing, I found a new electric bike to get excited about.  Its bigger, better, and faster. More to follow………

Smite me will ya……………………

                                   Lady Godiva on wheels!!!!!!


1 Response to “Have you heard the silent motorcycle?”

  1. 1 brammo
    February 24, 2009 at 3:50 am

    send me an email at cab at brammo.com and we can set up a time to chat. We just moved and have been a bit behind on getting back to people! sorry.

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