I want you to remember this one!!

     I have a best friend and business partner that gets the most amazing emails from her family and friends but, this one topped them all.  I want the whole world to see this short but powerful video, especially with all the struggles of the world today breathing down our throats and beating us up. We watch our economy declining by the day and our young men and women fighting a war amongst strangers that hate them, not knowing if they will be killing or be killed, people are loosing their jobs, their homes, and all hope. When you think the struggles are too much, watch this video again and remember that if we are like the example we see, we wont stop until the job is done, we will do it against all odds with no thought of our own safety, and helping someone else makes all the hard work worth it. It may be the difference between our success or our demise.  One last thing…..I have to warn you that I was so moved that I was fighting the lump in my throat for several minutes. You will be amazed by the courage of a little dog! If he can do it, so can we!! a9a4e4d2_0.txt, Hero_Dog_Tries_To_Help_Wounded_Dog.wmv  or  http://ow.ly/1QFm It takes a minute but be patient and you will be in awe.

                                    Lady Godiva (sniffle) on wheels


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