The “garage sale” of motorcycles.

     Are you like me? When you see a garage sale do you just have to take a peek as you drive by..in case there is something you need?  Do you just love the smell of a deal and does a steal make you shiver, just a little? Me, too!! Let me tell you how I discovered the “garage sale” of motorcycles.

     Well, I was surfing the web as well as checking out some of my motorcycle brethren on “twitter.com” when I decided to check out my friend “Harleypig”. His blog http://blog.harleypig.com/consists of a little bit of this and a little bit of that and after reading about the sparrow (not seagull, SPARROW) on “are you unhappy?”, somewhere in the clicking and reading, I managed to find a site that consists of salvage motorcycles bought from insurance companies.  Wow, there were all kinds of bikes! Whole bikes!! Every brand and model. Also, every level of disrepair and damage.  They weren’t just parts!  That provoked a thought in my head….wouldn’t it be wise to get one of these bikes and turn it into the trike I want so badly.  Well, aren’t I smart?

     Off to the web and surfing feverishly, I found a few local places in or near Portland, Oregon, my home town.  Who knew these wonderful places existed! A place where you could buy a whole damaged bike and put it back together the way you wanted it.  Apparently my husband did!!  I couldn’t wait to tell him about my terrific find, share a brilliant idea, let him in the loop. I wanted to share the wonder of these bikes that needed love like the stray little puppies I used to bring home.  I wanted to tell him about the unbelievable prices that were promised on the websites. As I went on and on about everything I had seen he simply nodded and smiled. Something made me stop talking and inquire about the sheepish grin on his face. After he told me of his many trips with the “boys” from the Wrecking Crew, (that’s his posse) and the sights that he saw, I smacked him on his bald head. How rude!!

    Guess where he’s taking me this week? A trip to the salvage yard and a great steak dinner, his treat!!……………………….Lady Godiva on wheels. FYI, if I find the remnants of that Valkyrie I’ve been dying for, Im bringin that puppy home!

Do yourselves a favor and check out any of the many motorcycle bloggers. These people are incredibly talented and also have the skinny on all the great ideas and the where-abouts of anything you could dream of. They are a plethora of information! Trust me. Look on Twitter.com and click on “find people”. Then enter “motorcycle”. Also, check out my buds at http://twittgroups.com/group/motorcyclefans. They are the best!! They also have a great bunch in their group.  Also,http://beth-aroundtheloop.blogspot.com/2009/02/i-did-it-again.html.. This girl has an absolutely beautiful blogsite with lots of outstanding photography. She rocks!! (And she rides!!)


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