Slightly hasty, tired, and cranky!

     I might have been a little out of sorts last nite when I indicated that no one wanted to “speak” to me.  Boy was I wrong.  Today I had a plethora of talkative people telling me about some wonderful websites, lots of insights, and just plain passing along well wishes and support.  Thanx to all my “friends”.  Now I know what kind of friends they are.  They are great!

     There are lots of people waiting for the weather to change. Those bikes are calling our names and saying, “ride me!!”.  Its time to dust them off and get the fine tuning done so they will vroom you to new places and old.  Time to check the fluids, tune ’em up, check the tires, and, if need be, replace that tired ‘ol battery. Its always a good idea to start the season with a nice little wax and chrome polish.  Besides, it gives you something to do until old man winter takes a long summers nap.  Praise God for that day!!

     With that said, get on the ball. There are bushes to prune, yards to clean up, and winter to peel off so we can get on the road.  Lets go!!

                            Off to the garage…………Lady Godiva on wheels


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