“Speak!” I said, “Speak!”. Why wont you speak??

     I have been a busy little girl!  With the days ticking by, I want as much information as possible on my website http://motorcycletravelamerica.com .  I have been putting this question out there: When you go on the web to look for motorcycle related things, what things are they and where do you go to find them?  Seems like a simple question, right? 

     I have become quite the twitterer on twitter.com.  I have been linked in again, and again on LinkedIn.com. I have even got a facebook page….like I dont know what my face looks like!  But, after putting my face out there, twittering everyone available, and linking like crazy and I cant get anyone to answer the question.  I did, however, get lots of ‘friends’!!  But, none of my so-called friends would help me either.  What kind of friends are these?

     Ok, I admit I am a little tired and just playin around.  Not that I’m happy about no one talking to me.  There are a bazillion people on these sites and I cant find anybody that can speak.  So, I looked at my three sweet puppies…one German Sheppard, one Rottie, and a little mini long haired Doxie with one blue eye and one brown….and I said, “speak!”.  And they did!!

           Time for this busy little girl to go to bed….a tired Lady Godiva on wheels.


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