Got recognition?

     I just had the ultimate experience with this website hooby jooby to date!  I got recognition. I swear!!  A lovely blogger named Beth at http://aroundtheloopdesigns.com found me and talked about me.  ME!!  I was blown away. Thank you, Beth!!

    Now, along with the lovely recognition comes responsibility.  Oh, yeah.  She mentioned that I promise to have lots of cool and useful information.  She said she was excited to see what was to come.  That means that there is no turning back and I am bound to deliver.  Ewwww. Makes me tingle a little. 

     I can talk about what I have planned for the site, but I am curious about what the people want to see.  What do you need, what do you want, what do you look for? I will build one heck of a site that will launch in April.  I will constantly be looking for the new and unusual along with the usable necessities.  I promise that if its not everything the public needs, I will add it.  Don’t ask for naked bike washers…..its been asked and refused!  But, anything useful and PG is something of interest to me.

Gotta go visit my new friend Beth at aroundtheloop.com…….Lady Godiva on wheels


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