The 27th annual “Laughlin River Run” and me…

    I have finally found the venue to introduce my new website, http://motorcycletravelamerica.comto the world!!! (Kinda sounded like an evil scientist hatching an evil plan, doesn’t it? Oh, my!)  I have a particular soft spot in my heart for this place and have spent a few of the 27 annual events in the presents of some of the most beautiful motorcycles I have ever laid eyes on.  And some of the silliest people but,………….that’s another blog.

     In April, the town of Laughlin, Nevada, opens its main street up to 60-70 thousand people and their bikes.  Its nothing but bikes, bikes, and more bikes!  You can see everything from the sleekest ride in the world to the bike with a buffalo head on the handle bars……a really BIG buffalo head!  I looked like a kid in a candy store the first time I went.  Back then it was a little less….a lot less of a competition between groups.  Everyone could still wear their colors and sneer at each other, call each other nasty names, and do the usual pushing and shoving, but shoot outs were VERY, VERY rare.  In fact I had never heard of one until a few years ago and it managed to kill, scare to death, and accomplish nothing.  But, back to what I really wanted to talk about………………………….my website!   I will have a group of lovely young ladies handing out information on the contest I am hosting for the best event picture. That will win you a really nice ipod to keep you bumpin’ on your two wheel ride.  I love the ipods!!  You get to put what ever you want in it! Pick your venue for the day.  You can group them,too, for the days you big burly guys are in the mood for the romantic, a.k.a. girly music and you don’t want your buddies to know, or the day when you are feeling nostalgic and need some old high school tunes that you used to dance to with your best girl/guy, or the rap that no one knows you secretly recite in the shower!  Not that I would know anything about any of these things because I never do any of them!!  Moving on………………………….

     The Laughlin Run starts on April 22 and goes through April 26. Look for my girls handing out info and goodies to all.  Then click away with those cameras and get in the contest!

                                         Gotta go grab my ipod….Lady Godiva on wheels



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