another day, another blog

     Well, another meeting with the web designer gurus leaves my head in a fog.  There are twitters to twitter and face pages to….face??  All this is Greek to me!  But, under the watchful eye of my mentor, Rich, I have a face-book account, a twitter page, and have signed on to linkin.com.  My,my…how I have grown.

     I must admit that I have learned much and learned it fast.  Owning a website may sound like a sweet laid back gig but, its not.  Its work, man, work!  I get to tell all you about all I have accomplished.  A little bragging on my part.  But the work has been researching an idea.  To do that I have researched websites to hook y’all up with bikes to buy, parts for bikes, accessories, gear, clothing, how to keep the bikes safe, lock them up, clean them up, find clubs, routes to ride, people to ride them with, laws, lawyers, and people to do the work for you so you have time to ride!  I can put you in touch with ways to stay safe on the road, where to stay when you are out there, and how to stay healthy enough to ride.  I have articles on new things, how to work on the old things, where to get a fancy paint job, and how to paint it yourself.  There are books to read, shop manuals to buy, pictures to take, and even a contest to take advantage of with a great little ipod to listen to while you ride….if you win!

     I have learned so much about websites, how to build them, and what I want to give you on one, when its ready to go.  I will get as much info on there and keep supplying all my peeps with anything I can to help make the open road an adventure that you want to have again, and again.

     I love to ride so I couldn’t have found a better job.  I think I might just be one of the most blessed people in the world, or even the universe!  lol

                                                           Now, I need a nap!

                                                        Lady Godiva on wheels


1 Response to “another day, another blog”

  1. February 11, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    just wanted to let you know I’m following your blog, and anxiously waiting the unveiling of your site. Sounds like it will be a very helpful place to visit.
    I just blogged your blog here – http://beth-aroundtheloop.blogspot.com/2009/02/i-did-it-again.html.
    Beth (Spiderlady)

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