Just one more thing…..

     To all those who read this, lets get started on sharing ideas.  What do you want to see on your motorcycle website?  What needs do you surf the web to find? 

     I know as a former, current, and future “surfer”, I came into this with my own ideas.  But, as my web-designer said,” It really doesn’t matter what you want! “.  With that in mind, I am asking the question to you, the readers.  Now is your chance to get what you want, and you know that in the world today….that’s not something you get to watch happen very often. 

     I want to send out a special “thank you” to my son-in-law, M.  This guy and his dad are a wealth of information about motorcycles and the adventures that accompany owning, caring for, and loving them.  All I have to do is ask and he is right there.  He has the knowledge I need to keep all of my subscribers informed.  The words of a seasoned rider are worth their weight in gold.  FYI people…….you could learn so much from the behavior of a guy like this.  Knowledge is power and you should always share your knowledge with the people you love.  It doesn’t cost a dime to be available and yet, you cant begin to put a price on it.  We are all blessed to have him!!!

                            More to share latter…….Lady Godiva on wheels


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