Are you speaking freaky deaky dutch???

    As I promised, I have more to tell you about the birth and development of my latest project, Motorcycle Travel America.  And what a birth it has turned out to be!! 

     I have been dreaming, planning, researching…..I’ve lost sleep, awaken from a deep sleep, made my self tired and in need of sleep.  My head has been crammed with facts and figures and I had almost given up hope of ever seeing my dream come true.  But an opportunity came my way.  A bonafide, real life miracle.  And I’m not planning on passing it up!!

     So, two meetings behind me and we are on our way. 

     You might not imagine how funny it is to watch two computer geek know-it-alls deal with a computer illiterate.  Asking me questions leaves me sitting and staring and saying, “huh?”.  I have to ask what they are talking about before I can answer the question asked.  They speak a language that might as well be Japanese.  Its the language of “floaters” and “stickies” and “drop downs” and other terms that mean very logical things in English.  But start speaking freaky deaky dutch and its a comedy sketch waiting to happen.  God bless the computer geek having patience.  Amen, brother!! And sister!!

     Somehow, we all managed to get started and make some real progress.  The sight promises to be user friendly, enticing, interactive, and give you everything you could need to enjoy a ride on the motorcycle you love.  And, if you haven’t managed to start a love affair with a sweet little bike, this sight will still be a good place to go to fall in love with one in the future.  I promise that if you continue to listen to the stories of the open road and view the pictures of all those lucky folks havin’ fun, you’ll have to succumb to the fever.

   I want to send a shout out to my buds Rich and Heather at Blue Sky Web-design.  You are the best computer geek know-it-alls this girl could ever know.  God bless you both.  I want to thank my baby daughter, K, for being so fired up about being my right-hand man….uh, girl.  Love you, sweetie!!  I also want to thank anybody that’s reading this and considering registering at the website.  You can find it at……..http://motorcycletravelamerica.net/…..and soon there will be an opportunity to sign up, receive updates on our progress, and some chances to get involved and tell us what YOU want. After all, we got nothin’ if we dont have you.

      I have to tell you that when  Rich brought the home page up on the screen, I got the giggles.  I mean severe giggles!!  It was like seeing your first childs face for the first time and seeing your name up in lights on Broadway…all wrapped in one big emotional moment.  After I managed to gain control of myself, we got to work.  I figure this is only the beginning.  I will nerd out every step of the way.  Its part of my DNA!  So, stay turned.  And I promise that all you’ll see on the website is English…..no foreign languages have been sacrificed for this job!!  LOL

                                      Until next time….Lady Godiva on wheels


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