What I’ve been up to….

It’s been an interesting year!  I have been working very hard to start a new business that will take care of my family and allow me to work with one of my favorite things.  Yup…you guessed it!!  Like this blog states, its “everything motorcycle”. That’s my love and my hobby.  I will be launching on or about April 1,2009. 

This website called “Motorcycle Travel America. com” will be a one stop shopping site that will allow you to be informed, equipped, and prepared for any trip you care to make.  Here are a few of the things you will be able to take advantage of on this site……..

1)Printable maps for your road trips indicating everything you will need in every town you plan to visit. Phone numbers and websites to make reservations before you leave your own front yard. 2) Buy and sell motorcycles and accessories with an alert to let you know when the item you want has been posted by sending you an email. 3) Stolen motorcycle alert with instructions on how to work with your local police and what you’ll need to provide. 4) What to do to prepare your bike for travel, what to have in a tool kit, ideas for ladies only,shipping your bike, bike rentals and tours, and weather, road conditions, and airline websites. 5) Whats new in the bike world….technologies, going green, gear, accessories, and tools. 6) Travel blog to allow your family and friends to travel with you without leaving home. Provide anyone you want with a password and they can track the route, your blog, and even pictures you’ve added. 7) Calender of events nation wide.  8) Find people to travel with or travel with you. Map your route and let everyone know where you’re going and invite them along.  Great way to meet people with your love for motorcycle travel. 9) Clubs!  You have access to this site to add information about your organization, recruit, add calender of events for your group and others, pictures, map and save runs for future use, and links to your own website. 10) A place to find all the odds and ends needed. Motorcycle laws for different states, insurance ideas, what records you should keep for your bike, and any other little tidbits I can think of to include!!

So…….I will be writing more when I have more to tell.  It’s going to be a wild ride but I’m thrilled to get started.  Perhaps the economy isn’t looking the best right now and it may sound like a foolish time to start anything, but I believe that God provides opportunities and who am I to tell Him he’s wrong!

                                             Lady Godiva on wheels


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