Taking advantage of old man winter….

I have to tell you….its cold!! I haven’t seen or heard a bike on the road in quite a while. That brought me to ponder this…what do we do when its too darn cold to ride?

The fact of the matter is this…given the opportunity, we would ride all the time. Right?? There is always a reason to ride. Ask any hard core rider that lives in the sun belt. Now, they have their own reasons to stay home. Arizona and Nevada, for instance, have the wind. Have you ever ridden in a wind storm? I have not but I have had to see it being done and that’s painful enough just to watch. Even a little bit of wind will send the sand from the sides of the road whipping into your face, pelting your arms and legs, and just making the ride less enjoyable. In a wind storm you can literally be riding side ways. I have seen it and its not easy, according to those who brave it. I’m sure you folks from other parts of the country can tell me all about your sunny part of town but today we are in my neck of the woods.

So, the weather is too cold to ride. What now? This may be the only time my friends are willing to break down their bikes. Really! They hate to do it because they would rather ride the things. They all maintain their precious motorcycles like rock stars but to completely break them down, well…. lets just say they go there kicking and screaming. But that’s what they do when its too cold to ride.

I have a friend that has this trick little lift. You roll the bike on it and secure it. Then its ready to be hiked up to the level most comfortable for you to work on it. Now that hes got it in position, he sits there and looks at it for a day, cultivating a plan in his head. He gets out his parts bible and anticipates the things that might be needed. He makes lists, checks prices, surfs the Internet, talks with anyone and everyone. He dreams of all the cool stuff he wants to add to the already gorgeous bike and makes more lists, checks more prices, surfs the Internet again, and talks some more. After all this talking, checking, and surfing he gathers everything he needs and starts taking the bike apart.

This year he is working on cooling the bike down. It ran just a little too hot for his liking all summer long and with that in mind he hatched a game plan for those cold days of winter. I happened to have visited him and was up close and personal with the makings of this years project. I was given the task of deciding what chrome design looked best with the overall look of the bike. Do you think it had anything to do with the fact that I am a girl….with a fantastic eye for fashion…especially shoes? Hmmmm? There were many devices dedicated to the cooling of the motor oil and also made for the opportunity to add more chrome. I admit that I couldn’t find a piece that didn’t promise to look good. Really.

By the time he is done, there wont be a piece of the bike that hasn’t been removed, replaced, cleaned, polished, and lovingly put back on. All this just makes us more anxious to get the bikes on the road and drives the neighbors crazy listening to the countless times we have to start the bike up and rev the motor….just to see how cool it sounds. Did you know that every time you add a chrome piece….even if its a simple bolt….the bike may just sound different. Even sound better. No bike owner can resist starting the bike up just to see. I even start mine up after I polish the chrome. LOL.

Enough of that. Truly, this is a time that can be well spent. So you’re off the bike for a few weeks….it can be a blessing since you would not have gone there without old man winter slowing you down. Take advantage and enjoy. Use the time wisely. Your next year of riding could just improve as a result.

Enjoy the journey and stub your nose at the cold……………Lady Godiva on wheels


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