The “surfer”

I am a novice at blogging….you cant imagine how much of one I really am. Blogging is being done to serve a purpose. Its not as easy as it sounds to find out what really makes a blog cool and interesting. So….I went surfing.

I wanted to find blogs about motorcycles. So, I Googled “motorcycle blogs”. It seemed much too simplistic to be realistic but, darn if it didn’t take me right to motorcycle blogs!! Go figure!! In that one fantastic move I was in amongst the elite. I made my way to a site called “whybike.com”. From there I found a guy blogging about his two favorite things, bikes and pizza called “Pizza Tour”. On his blog I found a woman named Christine that warned the guy with the brand new HD to put the bike away in his garage and remember that “ice is not our friend”. That made me giggle and hope that the guy was reading her blog!! I also found the site of “Biker Chickz Blog”.

Now this girl had it all. Pictures, stories, witty chat, product sites, blog sites, and one heck of a nice bike. She also received the Bloggers Choice Award from the Motorcycle Bloggers International. Can I just say that I want to grow up to be her? Well, I do.

So now you know my dreams and aspirations. I know what I want to be…..one really great blogger that actually has people who want to read it.

I am taking a break tomorrow to observe the day dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King. I am hoping to get out and about but know that with the upcoming arctic freeze on its way, riding is out of the question. But I can sit in a sunny window and ponder whether Dr. King ever rode a bike. Maybe thats why he could always promote peace. All those days when he was at his breaking point, he climbed on his bike and took a ride….you know, to clear his head, have a conversation with God, and unwind. Thats how I see him. And thats all I have to say.

Why dont you check out that “whybike” site and see what you find. If you find something you want to talk about, let me know. I am always anxious to talk to others.

Until Tuesday………Lady Godiva on wheels


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