Where did this thing come from…

I live in Oregon and it gets a little nippy here in the winter. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from standing in a cold garage working on a bike. That said, I spent the majority of yesterday on the couch, coughing my brains out. During that time I pondered many things. Why, in the cold weather, would I insist on being out there and create a situation that would lead to me lay on the couch for the better part of a day. Wasn’t that a pretty bike. Who thought to create the motorcycle, anyway….. just to mention a few. If that doesn’t tell you how bored I was, nothing will.

The facts go like this…..Sylvester Howard Roper, an American, came up with the idea in 1823. He developed a 2 cycle, coal powered, steam engine, that he attached to a simple bicycle. Sounds to me like a guy that was tired of pedaling. But, kudos to him.

Later, 1885 to be exact, a German gentleman named Gottlieb Daimler, developed a true gas powered engine that he strapped to a wooden bicycle. Now, because I am of German decent, I am delighted that the two front runners in the motorcycle birth were American and German. I’m sure the future gasoline companies are delighted about the gas part and I cant imagine shoveling coal into the engine of my future trike at every “coal” station along my road trip route.

Thank goodness that Mr Harley and his two friends, Mr Davidsons, came up with the beautiful bikes we enjoy today.

It may sound like I am only an HD fan. Not true. I love bikes…all bikes. I have a particular love for the Ducati and the BMW. I can hear a bike coming for miles and will run to the windows at the front of my house, just to watch it go by. I will watch my rear view and side mirrors as they come upon my vehicle and check out the bike from end to end. I admire the colors, the accessories, but rarely can tell you what the rider looks like.

One day, I was out in my convertible. The day was beautiful and the roads were full of bikes. I came across one particularly pretty purple and yellow HD and was admiring it along side of me when the rider motioned for me to pull over. Mind you, it took a while for him to get my attention due to the fact that I was admiring the saddle bags that looked custom made and quite striking. Thinking he needed something and the fact that we were on a very busy street with lots and lots of people, I pulled over. The thing is…..he thought I was hitting on him. Something we laugh about now, but a bit embarrassing for both of us at the time. So, fellas, when a woman is checking you out, consider that she might be a motorcycle fan. But its a great segue into…..who knows what.

So, If you are like me and ponder the beginning of the motorcycle, ponder no more. If you are pondering something else, let me know. We can ponder together.

Be safe out there……ice is not your friend. Lady Godiva on wheels

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